The Rise of the Synths (80s retro music documentary)

Being a big fan of the sounds of John Carpenter, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream this is a documentary I would like to see get made. Listening to music today, it’s hard to come across a song that doesn’t use a synthesizer. This documentary takes a look at actual synthesizer players and composers from the 70s up until current day and what their impact has been on the synthwave scene. You can find the kickstarter page here.

Synth Stories Podcast by Ask Audio

Synth Stories is a podcast where in each episode a producer shares how they used one of their favourite synths to create a specific sound on a track. If you’re anything like me, you’re likely fascinated by the variety of ways people can approach sound design and love hearing about different creative approaches. If that is you, I highly recommend this podcast, which is presented by Ask Audio and can be found here.

Acid Flowers – Free Lumen Video Synthesis Patch

Lumen is a semi modular video synthesizer software that allows you to create super cool visuals to use in your multimedia projects. It comes with three oscillators, dual LFOs, an effects panel and patching capabilities. It integrates well with other VJ applications like resolume and you can record video capture using another application called syphon recorder. Download a free demo to check it out and check out our free acid flowers patch while you’re at it.