Ben Ridgeway’s – Stillpoint

Ben Ridgeway is an associate professor at Stanford University who creates digital art, animation and sculptures that explore turning the metaphysical side of reality into tangible forms. Ben describes his work as something that “often focuses on dreams, visions, hypnogogic imagery, the concept of infinity, and the ephemeral nature of existence”.

Recently I came across his Stillpoint video and have to say he executes quite well on these concepts. Upon visiting Ben’s vimeo page I was delighted to see he had other videos that are equally as impressive. Inner space artifacts really caught my attention, and it was great to see that he has a video up explaining some of the method behind his process.

You can see more work by Ben Ridgeway through visiting his website and his instagram, or follow him on twitter to keep up to date on his latest creations.

Bach: The Well Tempered Clavier for Sinfini Music

When I was a child I use to listen to the well tempered synthesizer by Wendy Carlos and marvel at the sounds I was hearing. So when I saw this video in my news feed with a similar title I had to check it out, and sure enough I wasn’t disappointed. The well tempered clavier for sinfini music explores Bach’s 24-part comprehensive study in every major and minor key. For the key of C major, Bach had created 2 wonderful compositions, which this video explores through a very creative use of sound design and computer animation.

Iron Machines VJ 6 LOOP PACK by Hotaru Visual Guerrilla

Hotaru Visual Geurilla is a group of new media artists and specialists that develop new visual experiences by pushing the boundaries of art and technology. They have recently released a new HD 6 video VJ pack of seamless loops called Iron Machines. The loops look great, featuring primary colored metallic 3d geometry with cool lighting and movement. They can be purchased here. Check out some of the other cool stuff from Hotaru Visual Geurrilla on vimeo.

A brief introduction to Modular Synthesizers

For those looking to make the jump into the world of modular synthesis, Max Brodie, a music producer/composer out of Manchester UK, has provided you with a brief introduction to the wild and crazy world of modular synths. When Max isn’t making cool videos about synthesizers he’s writing music for companies like American Express, Volkswagon and Vodaphone. Check out his portolio site, where you can watch his demo reel and see some of the other brands that also enjoy using Max’s music.

Galen Pehrson’s The Caged Pillows

Galen Pehrson’s The Caged Pillows is a surreal short film exploring the isolation of technology and media consumption. The soundtrack has great artists like Daft Punk, Death Grips, Future Islands and Devandra Banhart. Voice actors include the likes of Jena Malone, Rose McGowan, Gemma Ward and James Franco. The piece was originally commissioned for the launch of, a think piece digest with a focus on stimulating conversation around urban futurism. You can watch the film here on Vimeo.