Write For Us

Have a creative project that you’ve documented and would like to have published on sharesynth.com? Please feel free to get in touch. You get full author credit for anything you write, as well as have a place to showcase your work for other people to see. To have your article published it helps that the content has something to do with audio or visual synthesis.

You can always reach out and propose something if you are not sure about the subject matter. Some things that are of interest that aren’t strictly synthesis are liquid light shows, projection mapping, experimental 3d art, virtual reality or interactive installations.

Below are some writing guidelines that may help:

Writing Guidelines

  • The project or your process should dance the line between art and technology
  • Language should be friendly and conversational, with technical steps simplified where possible
  • Teach the reader something about your artistic/technical craft
  • Articles need to dive into something creative, so no list articles please (eg. 10 best free music apps for Android)
  • Only mention products if you use them in your creative process – products should be judged on their merit instead of brand affinity
  • Provide a cover image and any supporting media (images, links to videos) with your submission
  • Provide any contact, social media or portfolio links if you like

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